Sensitive, Combination, & Pigmented Skin Daily Care Set

335.00ر.س 250.00ر.س Excluding VAT

This product set includes the following items:

1 x AminoGenesis Really Really Clean

1 x Comfort Zone Active Pureness Hydra Fluid


Sensitive, combination & pigmented skin needs extra special care on daily basis, otherwise skin gets irritated with red patches. Pores start to enlarge along with formation of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and pigmentation spots. This skincare regimen for sensitive, combination & pigmented skin has been advised by dermatologists & a team of skincare experts to keep skin pores & oil glands in check as well as keeping skin smooth, clear & healthy.


Step 1 – AminoGenesis Really Really Clean

Step 2 – Comfort Zone Active Pureness Hydra Fluid